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Who are we?

The MYA project meets the needs of RFB_1235 presented by the Puglia Creativa Productive District as a synthesis of the needs of a large number of its members belonging to the Performing Arts category, the largest production sector in the district. The ATS proponent of the project consists of: Coolclub, Koreja, Officine Cantelmo, Bass Culture and the CORELab of the University of Salento. Through this team we intend to cover most of the entrepreneurial realities related to performing arts.

Living Lab

The MYA Living Lab aims to provide support to organizations operating in the ICC sector through a process of user-centric and user-driven innovation. It identifies an open experimental functional region, characterized by the co-presence of public and private (Partnership Public Private Person) to create, prototype, validate, test new services, products and systems in a real life context (concerts, theatre performances, conferences) where the technological innovation related to ICT (for design, operation management and collaboration) must be to support the innovation of production processes.


The MYA project, through the collaboration between proposers and final users, aims at developing an innovative techno-organisational solution, aimed at the integrated management of cultural events. Thanks to the active and continuous involvement of the actors in the Living Lab


The ultimate aim of the collaborative development of the MYA project is the creation of a prototype that can be scaled to different categories of users, from large companies engaged in the production of complex events to emerging artists who want to approach their passion in an organized and professional way


Design Event

Allows the creation of an event and to acquire all the useful information elicited during its life cycle, from the most trivial name and date to the structured agenda of the same.

Analyze your data

It offers the comparison of the final results with those expected, to visualize economic/financial performance indicators.

Promote your event

Allows you to determine how to communicate and promote an event and its execution.

Manage your budgets and assets

Manages all data and information related to the most administrative aspects of the cultural sector.

What people think (in our dreams)

ICCs Process Framework

Among the project results, it was developed a tool that introduces BPM to cultural and creative industries, facilitating organizations to embrace business process management by providing a reference architecture and a set of processes to identify with.

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